Multi - Trait Research Based Career Assessment

  • Matching a person with the environment based on diverse attributes and traits can help identify occupations where he/she can best fit
  • Our multi trait career assessment is a data driven approach which help provide age appropriate recommendations to make an informed decision and achieve their career goals


  • Every child learns differently and is challenged by his or her learning abilities and preferences
  • Identifying their specific learning style and Teaching to a child’s strength helps Increase learning success
  • Help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in regard to relevant career choices
  • Lets them choose the most apt career path based on their personality, interests and expertise
  • Mostly importantly, prevents Career dissatisfaction and Misalignment
  • Change is constant and the idea of sticking with single career path for your entire working life is not feasible any longer
  • Switching job roles, a different environment, job instability, job insecurity etc., requires career guidance
  • We provide a complete overview considering both EQ and IQ

Glimpse of the Psychometric reports

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