Annu Chelladurai 


Annu Chelladurai is a trained and certified career counselor pursuing her passion to help dithering candidates with crucial career decisions. Equipped with strong investigative and interpersonal skills, she aims to make the process of career choices and decisions for young adults and experienced professionals a smooth sail. 

  • Enriching and fulfilling experience in the health care industry with focus on pharmaceutical market analysis and clinical research
  • Zealous health and content writer with her own blog on WordPress
  • Runs a non-profit self driven school group on facebook

She believes it is never too late to make the right choices in life. Change is inevitable and identifying/ enhancing your skill sets is the key to a successful career path.

Following a holistic and open-minded approach, she works with aspiring candidates and helps them visualize a clear goal, outline their strengths/weaknesses, provide constructive feedback for self improvement and career  alignment.

Credentials & Accreditations

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